The moment 3.0

The Moment 2.0 festival produced by Rapyd inspired me to create a series of three posters for the next festival, The Moment 3.0

The poster design, including the text and the background were produced manually.

poster design

poster design

build a story in the audience’s minds

The key words that led me during this project, and the feelings I aimed to evoke in the audience that observe it were Galactic, Mysterious, Grandiose and Techy.

scanning the type

Through trial & error I’ve manipulated the type using a home scanner. Then altered it to fit the desired area of the poster.

creating the background

A creased transparent tracing paper, with rough masking tape placed on it, followed with pencil marks on the edges of the masking tape.

gold & silver Tickets

gold ticket owners will get the chance to win a prize