Warrior gmr foundation

Warrior GMR Foundation is a place to inspire hope & build connectedness between veterans & youth through a purpose-driven gaming community that promotes wellbeing and mental health.

Brand development

Brand development

brand strategy for two target audiences

army veterans
gamer teenagers

Logo meaning and breakdown

Teen silhouette covered by a soldier silhouette represents the community building & relationship between the groups.

A gaming controller represents a common and widespread hobby from which the community will be built from. It's placed in the center, which symbolizes a heart.

The warrior gmr league

The foundation has formed a recreational esports league that is led & managed by both the veterans and the youth. Part of the messaging was to show esports and gaming as something that connects and unites communities, through a fun and engaging environment.

us flag colors

The color palette was inspired by the US flag, to resonate primarly with the veterans, but also to have these saturated blue & red combination to create a gaming culture sense.